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Advertisement in airport

The benefits of advertising in the International airport "Orenburg"

Ad exposure

At present, airport of Orenburg is the hallmark of not only our city, but also the Orenburg region. Every day it provide service for up to 2,000 passengers, including up to 1,000 passengers on international flights. In 2015, about 629,910 passengers were transported through the airport Orenburg.

At airports, ad exposure to consumer is much higher especially due to the closed space. The density of visual and advertising stream of information at the airport is much lower than in traditional conditions (in the street, in a store, etc.) and advertising message attracts much more attention. It has been found that a person driving a car pays less than two seconds of his/her attention to the advertising panel. At the airport, this figure is at least 15 seconds. In addition, studies indicate that, on average, 8 of 10 passengers spend about two hours at the airport. Airport is a small town that never sleeps. Moreover, advertising in airports works by the scheme 24/7/365. This means that your ads will be available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - without lunch breaks, regardless of daytime, season or weather conditions.


The airport is an exceptional opportunity for direct passage of information to specific target audience, namely people with medium and high income. They constitute the main flow of passengers and are of the greatest interest to advertisers. Studies show that the consumer audience is characterized by, among other things, high purchasing power.

Our company offers you an active means to attract attention of potential customers to your company: to rent advertising panels on the highway connecting the airport territory with the road "Orenburg-Orsk" and on the territory of airport parking lot, advertising on light boxes and light panels in the airport terminal, placement of printed products on desks in the terminal building.

Just imagine that your company will be the first thing learnt by the guests of our city!

Please contact us for more information on placing your ad:

Department of Marketing and Advertisement:

Tel: +7(3532) 67-67-03

Advertisement in airport terminal

Advertising on light boxes, light panels, city-formats in the airport terminal

And we also can offer:

• placement of printed products on desks in the terminal building

• broadcast commercials on monitors in the terminal building

• advertising on boarding passes, on baggage trolleys, on the trays at the pre-flight inspection

Advertising at the airport

1. Two-sided billboards with lights, located on the highway connecting the airport territory with the road "Orenburg-Orsk" (area of 3 x 6 sq.m).

2. Billboards at the airport parking lot. You can choose any convenient advertising space with height of 3 m and any width.